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Hugo Massien weaves a masterful mix for Newtype Rhythms

Another week of our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms brings a transformative guest mix, courtesy of the ever-engaging Hugo Massien.

After releases for the likes of 17 Steps, Keysound, Tectonic and XL Recordings – Massien amassed a discography that displayed his sonic tact for a multitude of dancefloor genres; churning out terrific release after terrific release.

After a period of calm, he emerges in 2021 with ‘Metamorphosis’, their debut LP on E-Beamz resulting in an emblematic journey of his sonic evolution over the years that conveys lionising sound design, momentous melodies and shimmering sound design in seventy minutes time.

Swinging the pendulum between slower tempos, shuffling percussion and swinging breaks, Massien brings that same exuberance to his guest mix for Newtype Rhythms; crafting a narrative that ebbs and flows masterfully with selections from himself, Four Tet, Lee Gamble, Muslimgauze and more. Check out the impeccable mix at 40 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual.


00:00 – 40:32 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. object blue – Fugitive’s Flourish
2. Batu – Don’t
3. Forest Drive West – Scorpion (feat. Lucky Pereira)
4. NA DJ – zeze dembow
5. Joe – MPH
6. Yak – Umbra
7. Insta:mental – More Than
8. Wishmountain – Crisps
9. Mr. Scruff – Crisps
10. Raji Rags – Alpha
11. FaltyDL – Some Day My Queen Will Come

40:56 – END – Mixed by Hugo Massien

1. Ben Lukas Boysen – Only in the Dark
2. Stephan Moccio – Fracture
3. Daithi – How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic
4. Nosaj Thing – 2k
5. Four Tet – 4T Recordings
6. Lorn – Sega Sunset
7. BluntOne – Timing
8. Khruangbin – Summer Madness
9. Hugo Massien – If You Dare (feat. Zun)
10. Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – Saddle
11. Lee Gamble – Dollis Hill
12. Koyil – Shustari
13. Hugo Massien – God Knows We Tried
14. Muslimgauze – Murzuk
15. Thebelebe – Calm Down
16. Hugo Massien – Omnipotent Love Energy
17. Hugo Massien – Outer Space Jam
18. Hugo Massien – Beyond Completely Gone