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Hypercolour line up three new album projects from Luke Vibert

Following two album releases on Hypercolour as Kerrier District and as Luke Vibert, the Berlin-based record label have announced “not one, not two, but three new (double vinyl)  album projects each with a specific musical theme and thread” from the revered Braindance affiliated producer landing in May, June and July.

First up is ‘Luke Vibert presents Amen Andrews‘ – “squarely aiming the sound at the ‘Amen break’…bringing together 14 slabs of raucous breakbeat bangers, riddled with cool as fuck samples and bass bin shattering sub.”

Next up is ‘Luke Vibert presents Modern Rave‘ – “a pretty damn thorough modelling of rave roots”, whilst the third, and final part ‘Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop’ delivers a singular collection of breakbeat inclined tracks that the creator defines as Rave Hop.

Release dates are staggered, with ‘Luke Vibert presents Amen Andrews’ landing on May 29, ‘Luke Vibert presents Modern Rave’ landing June 26 and ‘Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop’ arriving July 1. Order a copy of each album from Bandcamp.


Luke Vibert presents Amen Andrews

1. Pressure
2. God
3. Animen
4. DBC 1
5. Bass Kick
6. Ready
7. Sirius
8. Big L
9. Better Breaks
10. New Bust
11. Ready Again
12. Strange
13. Bad Boy Acid
14. Lower

Luke Vibert presents Modern Rave

1. Numbas
2. Beef
3. Feel One
4. Fresh
5. Sky’s The Limit
6. Dream
7. The Music
8. Feel Two
9. Groovy Break
10. Acid
11. Ecstacy
12. Better Forward
13. Ladies

Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop

1. Deep Tapes
2. Come Now
3. Hot Fingers
4. No Competition
5. Session
6. Styles
7. Attention
8. Brain Rush
9. Sikker Beats
10. All Night
11. Power Blast
12. Thu R Ears
13. Lover
14. Chill
15. Music