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Introducing Public Access, a 24/7 platform for music and visual arts

Brooklyn’s social and cultural hotspot Public Records have launched Public Access, a 24/7 online video platform to serve as a means for communication and expression in response to the current state of the world.

Headed up by Scissor & Thread label co-founder and producer Francis Harris, alongside Shane Davis and Erik Vanderwal – Public Records is usually home to a bustling cocktail bar, vegan cafe, magazine shop and a 200-capacity sound room featuring its own Isonoe mixer and OJAS speakers.

Since being forced to cease all operations, the team behind the venue have launched Public Access enabling  musicians, visual artists, journalists, critical theorists, writers, designers, architects and more to showcase diverse, inspiring programming and to provide others with an outlet to experiment, create, market and message causes that are meaningful to the them.

Programming will combine Public Records’ original content with shows and series produced by a diverse roster of collaborators including Rachel Pazdan, Black Light Smoke, Sinkane, Deforrest Brown Jr. Ranu Mukherjee, Bob Moses, Dave Harrington, Hidden Spheres, Justin Miller plus many more.