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Maze & Lindholm up next on Bedouin Records with ‘A River Flowing Home to the Sea’

Following the release of Aquarian’s ‘The Snake That Eats Itself’ LP in January, Bedouin Records exchange frenetic breaks with emotionally charged ambient with the announcement of Maze & Lindholm’s sophomore album ‘A River Flowing Home to the Sea’.

Maze & Lindholm – a production duo consisting of Pierre de Mûelenaere (Orphan Swords) and Otto Lindholm – first surfaced on Aurora Borealis in 2018 with their debut album ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen‘. Celebrated for its off-black soundscapes and droning corridors – “balancing between contemplation and anxiety”.

While we’re promised similar scenes in their sequel, there’s a quieter note on the new output, demonstrated in opening track ‘There’s A Room For You‘. All in, this long player on Bedouin looks set to be another stunner, a much-needed dose of saturated drone arriving just in time for your midsummer rites.

‘A River Flowing Home to the Sea’ is scheduled for release 29 May. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. There’s A Room For You
2. Racing, Chasing, Hunting
3. The Raw Silk
4. All Under Heaven Rests
5. The Uncut Wood