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IVVVO lines up ‘Greatest Hits, Archive 2010​-​2015’ on Lith Dolina

Following the release of a various artist compilation named ‘Brabuhr Q-ih’ in February, AD 93 sister-imprint Lith Dolina line up their first full length album from Portuguese artist IVVVO.

IVVVO, real name Ivo Pacheco, serves his beats raw and sinister, employing the whole palette of industrial sounds, moody layers and stoic techno drum patterns. The outcome can be claustrophobic and overpoweringly dense, although there’s most likely a hint of melodic relief hidden somewhere in the darkness.

As the title suggests, ‘Greatest Hits, Archive 2010​-​2015‘ compiles a half decade of productions. The result is a smorgasbord of rave inclined experimental music spanning techno, breakbeat and electronic. Get stuck in.

‘Greatest Hits, Archive 2010​-​2015’ is scheduled for release 27 August via Lith Dolina. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. If Not Now
2. Insecure
3. Voices
4. Broke Over Me Like a Rainstorm
5. There Is No God Tonight
6. 2 Live
7. Fever