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Premiere: Olsvangèr – Ghustown

Following MYKI’s ‘Natif’, Tofistock are back with their ninth release. The Tel-Aviv imprint present a 4-track VA of artists from their inner circle. All offering their own distinct dancefloor visions, ‘Hyper Love’ features Babylon X, Olsvangèr, MYKI, DJ Headshot and Matris.

Those with their ears to the ground will no doubt have picked up on the recent influx of progressive and trance-influenced tunes. A few years ago, the rehabilitation and reappropriation of these much-maligned genres would have seemed unlikely. However, a new crop of producers are tapping into the euphoric current that runs through these styles.

Olsvangèr seems to be one such producer seeking inspiration from these genres. On ‘Ghustown’, the Tofistock label boss combines twisted vocals, hypnotic bass and soaring pads. The result is truly exhilarating.

‘Hyper Love’ is scheduled for release 22 July via Tofistock. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. DJ Headshot & Matris – Space Bells
2. MYKI – Gamma Closure
3. Olsvangèr – Ghustown
4. Babylon X – Hyper Love