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James Ruskin broadcasts strong signals for Newtype Rhythms

There’s no need for an introduction for this week’s contributor to the Newtype Rhythms pantheon: a consistent purveyor of British techno, a master tactician in DJing and production for two-plus decades and a legend worldwide – the one-and-only James Ruskin serves up a corker of a guest mix.

Ruskin’s discography speaks for itself; an immense collection of moments that capture the growth and creativity of British techno at its finest hour. Sprawling between the birth of his Blueprint imprint, whilst releasing for the likes of Dynamic Tension, Jealous God, and Tresor, the ongoing sonic sensations provided from Ruskin are only becoming more prominent with every pulsing kick heard.

With his latest release for Blueprint (entitled ‘Reality Broadcast Off’), he entrenches new pathways to carve out towards the dancefloor with brimming melodies and brusque rhythmic patterns; in other words, it’s classic James Ruskin.

Expect that sort of energy in his savage guest mix on Newtype Rhythms, which starts at 50 minutes in. As usual our resident Sheepshead injects a rhythmic balance to warm things up.


00:00 – 50:10 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Cosmin TRG – Insouciant Change Agent
2. Beneath – Rough
3. Tension – Grove
4. Helix – Honig
5. Untold – Peaky
6. Rhyw – Tap To Resume
7. Cocktail Party Effect – Shattered Retina
8. Luke Slater – Love (Marcel Dettmann Black Glove Remix)
9. Brackles – Spider
10. Aiken – Sanity
11. Doctor Jeep – Key Activation
12. LSD – Process 3
13. Ryan James Ford – Erinwoods

50:28 – END – Mixed by James Ruskin

Tracklist TBD.

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