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John Selway jacks the void for Newtype Rhythms

The latest transmission from our sister mix series comes from a New York techno veteran that’s bending circuits to his will as John Selway provides an hour-long journey of electro for Newtype Rhythms. Establishing himself in the mid-’90s, Selway self-released on his CSM and Serotonin imprints, followed by releases on Christian Smith’s seminal Tronic imprint as well as Ultra Records by the early 2000s.

Most recently, Selway’s sonic motivations have led him to labels such as Future Times, Throne of Blood and most recently, New York Trax. His ‘Defiance EP harkens back to an alias Selway used earlier in his career, releasing on labels such as State of Mind and Tension (founded by Abe Duque). Balancing brilliantly between cybernetic meditation and frenetic machinations, the four-tracker establishes another added dimension to Selway’s already-impressive catalogue of techno variants.

In this mix for Newtype Rhythms, he dives towards more exploratory, intrinsic regions of electro finding B-sides, rarities throughout his record collection and weaving a tale in spectacular fashion. His mix starts 45 minutes in — with resident Sheepshead warming things up.

Defiance EP is out now order a copy on Bandcamp.


00:00-45:37 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Isorinne – Terrestrial Measure
2. Moderat – Koxying
3. Ploy – Unruly
4. Detboi – Raw
5. Pangaea – Bone Sucka
6. Robert Hood – Transform
7. Yalessa Hall x Malin – First Carol
8. Kevin McPhee – DD YYY ZZ OOOOO
9. Surgeon – The Primary Clear Light
10. Benjamin Damage – 010x (Truncate Remix)
11. Inigo Kennedy – Magma
12. Objekt – Porcupine

45:38 – END – Mixed by John Selway

1. John Selway – Opening Portals
2. N/A
3. -=UHU=- – Dive In Deeper Space
4. Djedjotronic – Traffic
5. Chris McCormack – Saturation Point
6. AS 1 – Pounding Steel
7. Aleksi Perälä – GBLFT1740070
8. Sven Vath – Schubdüse (Beggsters Bonus Beats By Si Begg)
9. Sluts ’N’ Strings & 909 – Past The Gates (DJ Hell Remix)
10. Noob – Sequences
11. Clatterbox – Sentinel
12. John Selway presents Semblance Factor – Defiance
13. Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactive Man Remix)
14. Plant43 – Gravitational Collapse
15. Throwing Snow – Tantrum
16. Illektrolab – Dreaming Electric
17. Jacen Solo – Shake (Remix)
18. N/A
19. Hiver – Inner Motion

Discover more about John Selway on Inverted Audio.