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K Wata up next on Hank Jackson’s anno imprint with ‘Dot Dot Dot’

Following the release of K Wata‘s debut extended player in 2021, the New York-based artist and SLINK resident lines up his second solo outing in April via Hank Jackson’s record label anno.

Spread across five tracks, ‘Dot Dot Dot‘ consists of ultra eerie electronics, weirdo dub and hyper experimental bass mutations all beautifully packaged in anno’s signature style courtesy of Sharon Gong. Track highlights include ‘Spot Text‘, ‘Lost My Focus‘ and ‘Sling Of Life‘.

‘Dot Dot Dot’ is scheduled for release 22 April. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Photo by Katsu Naito


A1. Meet Me At The One
A2. 2 Spot Text
B1. Lost My Focus
B2. Dot Dot Dot
B3. Sling Of Life