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KG touches up the dancefloor with a stirring mix for Newtype Rhythms

London’s got a special kind of talent about; someone who is equally versed in hosting a show on Red Bull Radio whilst appearing regularly on BBC Radio 1, NTS and Rinse FM — oh, and they’re reinventing UK funky alongside that.

Yes, KG has always been picking up the vibe wherever she’s brought her talents and most recently that was heard on the likes of a collaborative release with the brilliant Scratchclart on Hyperdub with their Touch EP.

Bringing together the energies of Detroit techno, South African GQOM and UK funky, the four-tracker presented a venerable bass mutation that Hyperdub is keen on welcoming into its fold with room to grow.

That’s where KG fits perfectly, finding ways to cultivate her sonic prowess with each passing release – the progression has been noticeable from her release on Goon Club Allstars last year all the way to her latest contribution on the first volume of Club Djembe’s releases – there’s a tacit balance of tone and vibe that she hits constantly, making her sounds stand out firmly from the rest.

She brought that same energy to her undeniably fun guest mix for Newtype Rhythms, as she injected an ascending narrative to keep audible interest at its peak for the whole time. Her mix starts at 41 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead starting things up as always.


00:00 – 41:12 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Giant Swan – Spisbah
02. Kondulu – Bolu
03. Bakongo – Monoweb
04. DJ Polo – Burnt Tone
05. Lobby – 3D Thinking
06. Say3 – Get Up And Move
07. Jamie George – Flying Saucer
08. Trio Ternura – A Gira (Kaval Edit)
09. Herron – Billy’s Walk Home
10. Ryan James Ford – PADDEA YEBOH
11. Kellen303 – Tulpa
12. Gatlier – Jewel
13. Walton – Rolla

41:36 – END – Mixed by KG

01. DJ Gregory – ‘And’ (Kerri Chandler Remix) [4 To The Floor Records]
02. Hagan – ‘Ghana Step’ [Unreleased]
03. KG x Scratchclart – ‘Touch’ [Reprise] [Hyperdub Records]
04. LR Groove – ‘Stars’ (Mix2) [Unreleased]
05. DJ Lag & Okzharp – ‘Nyusa’ (Original Mix) [Hyperdub Records]
06. Hagan – ‘Right Here’ [Unreleased]
07. KG x Scratchclart – ‘Strings of Death’ [Hyperdub Records]
08. Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler – ‘Rising The Sun’ (Original Mix) [Ibadan Records]
09. Tribal Brothers – ‘Walking Warrior’ [Renk Groove Recordings]
10. Kenlou – ‘Bangin’ (Bangin’ Beats) [MAW Records]
11. Black Coffee – ‘Gardens of Eden’ (Ralf Gum Vocal) [feat. Zonke] [GOGO Music]
12. Emo Kid/Infamous Boiz/DJ Rico/Sbucardo Da DJ/Ilumination Boiz – ‘Yadllala Inumber’ (Gqom mix) [Durban Gqom & Sgubhu]
13. Peggy Gou – ‘It Makes You Forget’ (Itgehane Edit) [Ninja Tune]
14. Rudeboyz – ‘No Mercy’ [Goon Club Allstars]
15. Ralf GUM – ‘Complicated’ (Raw Artistic Soul Dub) [GOGO Music]
16. Scratcha DVA – ‘Reload Ayers’ [DRMTRK]
17. SNØW – ‘Intensity’ [More Time Records]
18. DJ Lag – ‘Daisies’ [Gqom Oh!]
19. Emo Kid – ‘Asbambeki’ feat. WorstHood, Resto & Ayanda (TLC Fam) [Gqom Oh!]
20. Majora – ‘Rio Citrus’ (Tony Quattro Remix) [Service]
21. Metro – ‘Angel of Mercy’ (Club) [Nu Groove Records]
22. DJ Kent, Malehloka Hlalele – ‘Falling’ (DJ Kent’s Unreleased Mix) [DiverseCity Music]
23. DJ Lag – ‘Drumming’ [Goon Club Allstars]

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