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IA MIX 304 Patricia

Electronica-infused modular techno rubbing off onto post-industrial ambient upholstery, Ravitz’s music is essentially alien and intrepidly unpigeonholeable to the bone. Patrica steps up to provide an ultra rare live recording taken from his performance at the debut edition of Bucharest’s Automata Festival – a masterclass of ultra-sensory techno grooves and playful hardware juggling.

Bill Converse talks up his debut EP as Tide Eman

Ushering in Max Ravitz (aka Patricia)’s new label Active Cultures under his newly-generated moniker Tide Eman, Austin-based producer Bill Converse returns with the high-density ‘Animate Objects’ EP, dishing out three highly-hypnotic dubby tech gems packed with off-the-hook psychedelia to please both the dancefloor nonconformists and demanding home-listeners.