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Leif reveals second album ‘Taraxacum’

Welsh-born producer and Freerotation affiliate Leif Knowles is due to release his second album “Taraxacum” on his own imprint UntilMyHeartStops on 2nd November 2015.

Following on from Knowles’ first album “Dinas Oleu” in 2013, “Taraxacum” provides an atmospheric deep house album, that uses a range of live recordings to produce a very unique release.

Having released music since 2004, Knowles has matured his musical vitality and furthered his creative flair by incorporating harmonious layers with an exciting result.

I’ve found myself experimenting with some more meditative and immersive sounds, using relatively simple production techniques and incorporating a few live recordings of percussion and string instruments, field recordings etc,” Knowles explained to Juno Plus.

The 9-track album is scheduled for released on a 2LP format on 2nd November 2015.


A1. Taraxacum 1
A2. Painted Cakes Do Not Satisfy Hunger
A3. Untitled
B1. Tuesday Nothing
B2. Air, Light, Time, Space
C1. An Elephant Madness
C2. October Light
D1. Decision, Assumption
D2. Anachronistic (Feat. Duckett)


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