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Like + Share: Win a copy of Syncsmith’s precision engineered lookbook ‘OPUS’

Since launching in July 2016, Bristol based experimental electronic agency Syncsmith have rapidly gained traction within the dynamic TV, Film and Gaming markets. To commemorate their avant-garde roster and second wave of signings including Príncipe Discos, NAAFI, Timedance, Paleman, Hodge & Beneath, they have produced 50 precision engineered, minimalist lookbooks named the ‘OPUS’.

Designed by Sam Lambert (AndEveryone Design Agency) and produced by Creative Printers WithPrint, the lookbook takes design cues from industrialism using mechanistic hardware to mirror its offering of guttural, algorithmic soundscapes and also reflect the very traditional values and pillars that the company was founded on, exploiting the semantics and connotations of the terminology “smith” as per blacksmith, metalsmith etc.


Yet to achieve a creative balance borrows further inspiration from the lookbook driven fashion world and cinematic industries using bright electrolyte cobalt and warm coral pigmentation for the inner inserts to reflect the more effervescent side of the roster and the softer more melodic and acoustic structures that the agency can offer through its bespoke sound design.

The OPUS is rigidly cased in 2 x 5mm Black Foamalite hard sheets, which are galvanised with multiple layers of UV Copy and have a deliberate overhang to protect the inner fabric. All 4 corners are embellished with M4 medical-grade Stainless Steel cap screws effectively securing the package when coupled with wingnuts again crafted from A2 Stainless Steel. Upon dismantling the lookbook, recipients are treated to a fold out A3 poster on 160gsm Colorplan laminate that introduces the companies core values through an expertly wordsmithed piece of copy predicated on traditionalism.


Artist and record labels each receive a page or insert each, which gives the whole production a scalable capability. Individual inserts are manufactured with 400gsm GFSmith stock and have been digitally printed and duplexed for additional effect. Typeface used is predominantly Lab Grotesque from Sweden & Stockholm Design Lab paired with a bespoke Syncsmith logo designed by Jack Featherstone.

Finally the “OPUS” has one more trick up its sleeve, which is an 80min Compact Disc presented on yet more 700gsm GFSmith stock which communicates the profound compositional abilities of the Syncsmith roster, 20 tracks have been seamlessly curated and etched onto the digital format to communicate on a more binaural level.