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Listen to Jan Jelinek’s remix of Lucrecia Dalt “Tar”

Earlier this year experimental electronic artist Lucrecia Dalt released her sixth album ‘Anticlines‘ on RVNG Intl. Today the New York based imprint has announced a special remix courtesy of micro-glitch connoisseur Jan Jelinek.

‘Anticlines’ reportedly arose from a plethora of distinct inspirations, among them Colombian mythology, ecological dependence, and Martian meteorites. Jan Jelinek’s remix is said to “expand and contract the substratum sounds of “Tar” into a breathing microcosm supporting and transporting Dalt’s spoken lyrics”. Listen for yourself below.

‘Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)’ is out today, order a digital copy from Bandcamp.


1. Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)

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