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Lucy readies ‘Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax’ EP for Samurai Horo

Ahead of the release of his forthcoming ‘Self Mythology‘ LP – an album in which he aims to explore both his and humanity’s roots to a larger extent, Lucy lands on Samurai Horo in the meanwhile with ‘Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax‘, an EP entirely recorded on tape in his Berlin studio and due out April 8th.

Known for his critical depiction of our every-day world and life via introspective releases, Lucy focuses on some of the most talked-about aspects of our century with ‘Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax‘ such as the excessive yearning for pragmatism, obsession for material things and ownership that often tends to inflect the way relations are being handled, taking life priorities away from what they should be.

Distancing himself from the cacophony of consumerism, Lucy drags his listeners into a celestial bubble only he knows weaving, mingling subtly-textured layers and inward-looking scapes. Less is more.

“Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax” is released via Samurai Horo on April 8th 2016, pre-order available on the label’s website.


A1 Eat
A2 Drink
B1 Shop
B2 Relax

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