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Major Problems

A former resident at Dublin’s reputed nightclub Twisted Pepper and not-to-miss three-day event Out To Lunch, Barry Redsetta also captains the excellent Major Problems – a label that’s been at the core of the Irish capital’s recent return to top form, featuring the likes of New Jackson, Terriers, Pirac¥ Debt$, Lumigraph, Compassion Crew, Frank B and more…

With a stunning self-titled debut from on-the-rise local producer DJ Après Ski on the horizon – which you should hear more about on Inverted Audio very soon, we thought it was the right time to invite the label honcho for a little mix session. For the occasion, Barry serves up a polyamorous combine of ganjah-flavoured grooves, Afro-folk polyrhythms and fruity disco nectars.

Interviewed by Baptiste Girou


Hey Barry, thanks for that dope mix! It’s a seriously vibey journey across skank-y rhythms, spicy trip-hop, African percussions and orchestral disco satellites. When was the mix recorded? What kind of vibe did you want to convey?

It started off as a result of an e-mail ping-pong of music with someone, and then headed off into another direction. It was recorded at home, on two 1210s and a borrowed mixer, maybe three months ago? New stuff and old, different bpm pressure.

You’re far from being a new face to the Dublin scene – having been a longtime resident at Twisted Pepper amongst other things, and eventually setting up your own label Major Problems in 2013. How do you judge Dublin’s recent to top form?

Dublin’s great. Always is, though, right?


What’s your initial background in music? What were you listening to as a teenager?

Smash Hits > Melody Maker > Muzik > Jockey Slut > Magic Feet > Internet.

How is the clubbing scene going in Dublin? Where do you see its strengths and weaknesses?

On the one hand, it’s going fine. Plenty of things happening and people dancing. Big rooms and small rooms, mostly run by people who like music. On the other hand, there’s serious issues around licensing laws, and what you can and can’t do, in terms of being able to run a party. A group called Give Us The Night have been campaigning on this for a while – Sunil Sharpe for president.

What are your essential bastions in town? One record store, one pub, one club, one chill haven?

  • Record store = One foot in All City, one foot in Spindizzy’s second hand bin.
  • Pub = The Yacht in Ringsend, of course.
  • Club = Tengu.

You’ve been pushing local artists like Lumigraph and Terriers, but also released Compassion Crew’s top-notch double-package “Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates”, rife with highly sought-after cuts from various eras and movements. What’s the label’s be-all and end-all?

I know what it isn’t, does that help?

If you had a motto, what would it be?

Overthink everything.

The Irish scene keeps growing in and out of Dublin, which new DJs and producers should we keep an eye on?

Loads of them. Loads.


Your new release comes courtesy of on-the-rise DJ Après Ski and it’s quite a massive debut to say the least. Please tell us more about it? How did you discover him?

He’s a young DJ and producer from Dublin and I like him very much.

What are the last three records you’ve been rinsing as of late? Why so?

The last three records I have listened to this morning are Pepe Braddock’s ‘Boom Boom Crash’; Katy Aurelia Smith and Susan Ciani’s ‘Sunergy’ and 2 Trax’s ‘Where..?’ – the latter two I picked up on a trip last week, and the former was waiting for me when I got home.

What will you be up to in this end of year?

There’s two more releases before the year is out – DJ Après Ski and a 12” from Compassion Crew, ‘Habitué’. The B-side of that is on this mix. Running some more Out To Lunch parties in Dublin – Mick Wills is up next. Some DJ gigs too.


1. Dadawah – Seventy Two Nations Excerpt
2. Ralph Lundsten – Discophrenia
3. Ruf Dug – See (Live Version)
4. Raw Sex – Give Sheep A Chance (Wooly Version)
5. Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (Bosstube Shakin’)
6. Skymax – Highliner
7. Kambo Super Sound – Kulpe
8. The Congos – Congoman (Carl Craig Edit 1)
9. Harvey – Drums In 6 Twelve
10. Dresvn – Little Fever
11. Ernest Ranglin – Earth Sound Part 2
12. Unknown – B1
13. Lindstrom – Drums Of Life
14. Wah Wah Wino – Unchartered
15. Compassion Crew – Habitué Iii
16. Herbert – Deep Inside Of Me

Discover more about Major Problems on Inverted Audio.