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Moiré and Ghostly International launch interactive game ‘Monolith’

To celebrate the release of Moiré’s new album ‘No Future‘ on Ghostly International, the London-based producer teams up with designer Isaac Cohen to present a new interactive experience ‘Monolith‘, inspired by the themes, sounds, and images from his new album.

Monolith‘ is an alternative way to connect with ‘No Future‘ and allows users to dive deeper into the new album. “That is something the monolith symbolizes: the hidden destiny that humankind instinctively follows.” Moiré continues: “That constant looping of evolution and moving forward by repeating the same decisions that create a ”no future” situation. In that sense, the game has no end.

From what we have experienced, the idea of the game is to use your direction buttons to navigate the monolith around the abstract environment to collect all of the lonely figures into one mass crowd.

Experience Monolith at www.nofuture.uk

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