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Music for Airports 33.3 with Taras Fenick and Antepop at Villa Neukölln

On Sunday 24th February, the third edition of Music for Airports, an ambient listening session curated by Douglas Brennan, will take place at Villa Neukölln offering respite to tired ears and burnt out ravers.

Headlining the event is Ukrainian pianist and composer Taras Fenick, a heavenly talent on the keys. Having been part of numerous groups in Kiev, Taras began hosting piano-based improvisational music therapy sessions to great acclaim. Now he steps up to perform his international solo debut on Villa Neukölln’s grand piano.

Joining in on the action is a medley of ambient selectors, including our very own resident Antepop, alongside Killekill affiliate Jan Dreseke, soothsaying sesh master Space Raul and Matthew. Listeners will also be treated to a pre-release album preview of Ose’s ‘Ellipsis‘ LP.

Everything you hear on the night will be soundtracked through a vintage valve amplified Klipsch sound system offering the very best listening experience possible.

Music for Airports 33.3 kicks off at 3pm on Sunday 24th February and ends at midnight. Entry is free and donations are most certainly welcome.

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