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Natureboy Flako announces second album ‘Theme For A Dream’ and interactive website experience

Dario Rojo Guerra, better known as Natureboy Flako, has announced the release of his second album. Due out in July 2018, ‘Theme For A Dream‘ is said to be an “exploration of the human inner space, the balance of musical energies and music’s healing capabilities”.

The new record is said to feature a more electronic sound than his debut, making extensive use of old and new analogue equipment such as the Juno 106, Korg’s MS-20, ARP Odyssey and Roland’s SH-2000. It’s going to be accompanied by an experimental and interactive website that allows users to preview music while providing an immersive, multi-sensual 4D experience of its own. Snippets of the music from ‘Theme For A Dream‘ will become audio-visual poetry, underlying an “immersive exploration of state-of-the-art technology and oneself.”

Theme For A Dream‘ follows on from last year’s ‘Natureboy Flako‘, a self-titled EP in which Guerra united his work as Flako with the natural themes of the Natureboy identity explored in his debut album. Since then, the producer has been mighty busy – in addition to ‘Theme For A Dream’, Guerra also co-produced/co-wrote Kutmah’s recent debut and produced tracks for Fatima’s upcoming follow-up to ‘Yellow Memories‘. He is currently working on a film project with a London-based production company and is already working on a new album, which is expected to bring back his vocal talent, previously showcased under the moniker Dirg Gerner.

‘Theme For A Dream’ is scheduled for release 20th July 2018 on Five Easy Pieces, order a copy here. Catch Natureboy Flako perform a special live sunrise set at the Inverted Audio curated stage “Campfire Headphase” at Farr Festival 2018. He will perform alongside Terekke, Rezzett (live), Skee Mask, Even Tuell, Nick Williams, Cera Khin and Sofia Ilyas x Francis Redman.


1. From The Shadows
2. Stream Of Being
3. Theme For A Dream
4. Nebulous Garden
5. The Great Escape
6. Traummaschine
7. Ancient Lands
8. Wolkenlos

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