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Oliver Coates lines up sophomore album ‘skins n slime’ on RVNG Intl.

Cellist, producer and sonic experimentalist Oliver Coates will release his second album, ‘skins n slime‘, in October through RVNG Intl., offering up a darker side of his compositional sensibilities.

It follows in the footsteps of his debut album ‘Shelley’s On Zenn-La‘, which we ranked as the seventh Best Album of 2018. Having toured extensively with Thom Yorke, Oliver Coates’ latest effort “explores the heavy, metallic drone of those live sets” — label manager Matt Werth has commented that ‘skins n slime’ contains “some of the most achingly beautiful, haunted music that RVNG Intl. has been a part in releasing”.

Ahead of its release in October, watch the music video directed by Leah Walker and Lewis Walker below.

‘skins n slime’ is scheduled for release 16 October. Order a copy.


1. Caregiver part 1 (breathing)
2. Caregiver part 2 (4am)
3. Caregiver part 3 (slorki)
4. Caregiver part 4 (spirit)
5. Caregiver part 5 (money)
6. Philomela Mutation (from The Bird Game soundtrack*)
7. Butoh baby
8. Reunification 2018
9. Still Life
10. Honey
11. Soaring X (feat. Malibu)