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Premiere: Voin Oruwu – Liquid Life Form

Corridor Audio line up their 14th release in the form of a 4-track split EP consisting of two tracks from Ukrainian talents Voin Oruwu and Andrey Sirotkin.

Voin Oruwu’s second offering, ‘Liquid Life Form‘, wastes no time in launching it’s subaquatic adventure through waves of thundering kick drums and Drexciyan stabs, nearly unrelenting across the 6-minute runtime. Any respite given from the assault is merely a mechanism to double down upon the return of the beat, making this track a formidable weapon.

‘That Other Earth’ is scheduled for release 25 August. Order a copy on Bandcamp


1. Voin Oruwu – That Other Earth
2. Voin Oruwu – Liquid Life Form
3. Andrey Sirotkin – The Future We Deserve
4. Andrey Sirotkin, Mullah Shaheed – Slow Conflict