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Premiere: SDS MAX – Midday in Brixton

Erbium Records line up ‘Trip Advisor‘, a 3-track EP from London-based SDS MAX for their third outing, a cross-genre ride through chilled breaks, peak-time techno and euphoric punchy house.

Our premiere, ‘Midday in Brixton‘, leans in the hardest of the three, with tense breaks tearing out the gates and across the opening stretch. A shining example of how quality doesn’t necessarily stem from complexity, the track gradually expands into uncompromising trance-state techno territory as layers are added. Make what you will of the meaning behind the title, this one is for late and sweaty evenings in front of the speakers.

‘Trip Advisor’ is released on 18 September through Erbium Records. Pre-order on Bandcamp. 


1. Trip Advisor
2. Midday in Brixton
3. Afters at Gav’s Gaff