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Other People announce A Pleasure’s debut album ‘Jream House’

Following his excellent ‘Extended Play‘ EP released last year, Mark Hurst aka A Pleasure returns on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint with ‘Jream House‘, a beautiful debut album lined up for release in January 2016.

Unloading a motley scope of diaphanous house and helical ambient ascents, ‘Jream House‘ is a carnival of unwonted audio vectors and spectral sound geometry. Here’s an enlightening perspective on A Pleasure’s very own art of music-making:

Using a process of numerical transposition, Hurst converts the names of some of his favourite bands and composers into drum patterns. He then lets loose, improvising around these structures with a variety of traditional and unorthodox instruments: bowed cymbals, blowtorch on aluminium, bass guitars, drum machines juggled like turntables, to name but a few“.

Equally raw and sophisticated, square-shooting and spirited, ‘Jream House‘ promises to launch Other People’s new year of activity under the best auspices.

Jream House is released via Other People on 22nd January 2016.


1. Durutti Gottsching
2. Arthur Russel
3. The Order of Things
4. Grace
5. Idoru
6. Slow Channel
7. Am Me Evol Eye

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