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Panoram signs to Running Back, announces ‘Acrobatic Thoughts’

Following previous albums on Firecracker, Origin Peoples, Union Editions and his own Wandering Eye imprint, Italian producer Panoram has signed to Gerd Janson’s Running Back to release his fifth full length.

Acrobatic Thoughts‘ presents listeners with 10 tracks of skewered electronica and downtempo melodies beaming with warmth, intrigue and soaring synth arpeggios.

Highlights from the album include ‘Wandering Frames‘, ‘Storme‘, ‘Monocielo‘ and ‘Fiction Of A Sea‘.

‘Acrobatic Thoughts’ is scheduled for release 14 January via Running Back. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Healing Codes
2. Pseudo Love feat. Yuki-M
3. Wandering Frames
4. Z Miles
5. Beautiful Engines
6. Storme
7. Monocielo
8. Fiction Of A Sea
9. Seabrain
10. Azolyna