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Lapsus Records line up vinyl repress of Kettel – My Dogan

First released in 2006 as a limited edition CD via Sending Orbits, Kettel’s mind blowing IDM album ‘My Dogan‘ receives a luxury repress treatment, courtesy of purveyors of experimental electronics Lapsus Records.

With over fourteen albums to his name, Dutch producer Kettel is celebrated for his crisp programming skills, sturdy melodies, acidic bass lines and an expressive take on Braindance.

Spanning 18 tracks, ‘My Dogan‘ is being pressed for the first time as a double LP, with updated artwork by Basora presented as a lithographic print. Aphex aficionado’s should dive right in. Highlights include ‘Dogan 9247‘, ‘Little Tongues‘, ‘Mauerbrecher‘, ‘My Dogan‘, ‘The Second 2006‘ and ‘Sekt I Sing‘.

‘My Dogan (15th Anniversary Edition)’ is scheduled for release 25 February via Lapsus Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. My Dogan
A2. Dogan 9247
A3. Mauerbrecher
A4. Billiton Beruh with Cleo&Wouter
A5. Little Tongues
B1. Meeuwuh
B2. Halt Him
B3. Mannschaft
B4. Follow Me!
B5. Peeksje 1994
C1. Sekt I Sing
C2. Ok Norah
C3. Sylvia
C4. Afwezig
D1. The Second 2006
D2. Escape From ETA Th2
D3. Choo Choo India
D4. He’s His Own Man