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Premiere: Sinnway – GR Pose Again

Budapest’s Exiles label sustain their steady flow of underground releases with the sophomore album from Sinnway, ‘Perelline‘, following his debut on Quantum Natives.

The release veers from extended experiments, running over 7 minutes in length, to short-scale tracks that run their course in just a few moments. Regardless of the length we find ourselves encountering regular patterns within the music: rugged frequencies, sharply defined yet remaining curious and original, with typical structure and form left at the wayside in favour of mutating and shifting music.

Ferric noise meets with the cold glimmer of experimental synthesis, at times reaching a fever pitch that brings the listener reveries of anxiety. ‘GR Pose Again‘ slides closer to novel experiments circumnavigating far reaches of grime, with heavy kick drums and etched metallic vagueries of melody marking the sound-space throughout. On this track, and ‘Perelline‘ as a whole, Sinnway demonstrates himself as a producer unafraid to make up his own rules.

‘Perelline’ is out now via Exiles. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. 12 (Air of Enchantment)
2. Lauspice
3. oni blade F8i
4. Only Verloc
5. QQ more
6. Dross Penumbra
7. nVol Slammer c1
8. EMo Ether
9. GR pose again
10. Star Feaster, Asleep
11. Veain
12. OoV Ascended