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Pantha du Prince releases ‘Garden Gaia’

Following in the wake of his 2020 album ‘Conference Of Trees‘, today Pantha du Prince releases his next album ‘Garden Gaia‘.

Produced over the past 3 years, ‘Garden Gaia’ marks Henrik Weber’s sixth solo album and is said to be “a love letter to all lifeforms that flourish, grow, live and play.” Spanning seven tracks, the album features vocals from Weber and is replete his distinct take on electronica.

‘Garden Gaia’ is scheduled for release 26 August via BMG. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Open Day
2. Crystal Volcano
3. Start a New Life
4. Blume (Bendik HK Edit)
5. Mother Drum
6. Heaven is Where You Are (Bendik HK Edit)
7. Liquid Lights
8. Alles fühlt
9. Golden Galactic