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Premiere: +1 – Task

Panel’s latest compilation brings together nine cutting-edge producers for a unique conceptual project. ‘Anonima’ will be accompanied by an A5 booklet, in which each artist is represented by an unidentified organism. Following instructions contained within, listeners will be able to identify each organism in order to unlock previews of the tracks, Instagram filters and other content relating to the release’s concept.

On the music side of things, ‘Anonima’ features some of the brightest emerging artists operating in the realm of left field club constructions. Many listeners will already be familiar with artists such as Korin Complex and Cassius Select, but newer faces such as Box 5ive, Debba and +1 also provide EP highlights.

+1 is a new moniker for Matt Finnegan, who was previously operating under his real name. The Irish producer explains that ‘Task’ came about during a period where he was listening to a lot of Echospace tracks. The result is a dubby two-step weapon that’s received support from the likes of re:ni and EMA.

‘Anonima’ is scheduled for release 18 August via Panel. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Box 5ive – Brick
2. Debba – Shimmer
3. Huna – Lucy
4. Atrice – Solera
5. Cassius Select – WHERE U AT
6. +1 – Task
7. Korin Complex – Wait
8. RV – WD-40 05:34
9. PinballSpider – Gauge
10. Box 5ive – Youth Like