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Premiere: A.Fruit – Observer Effect

A new day means a new sonic avenue to explore – this time courtesy of a massive compilation release from the Worst Behavior crew. Housing a veritable stable of worldwide beatmakers, label heads Anna Morgan and Bell Curve navigate their love of unique, sub-centric and expedited rhythms with ‘Worst Behavior Vol. 3′ – another expansive addition to their burgeoning bass-filled catalog.

The label doubles as a NYC-based event series which is curated by founders Anna Morgan and Bell Curve – providing a stage for exciting voices within the realms of deep rave, blistering beats and expedient beats-per-minute. Between that description – as well as a look on which producers are on this compilation – lies a unique journey into the deep chasms of sound systems far beyond the usual spots, like St. Petersburg.

Our premiere is a textural, thoughtful slice of half-step genre-bending from Russian producer A.Fruit, a Worst Behavior veteran whose extrapolations within the worlds of drum & bass and footwork make her a voice to be heard on and off the dancefloor. Check out “Observer Effect” below and take the jump yourself.

‘Worst Behavior Vol. 3’ is scheduled for released on 7 August. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Nikki Nair – Pah
2. A-0 – Lotus
3. Jon1st – Rose Point
4. Yazzus – Dreamwalker
5. Mars Kasei & Deeplinkin – DarkWhite
6. DJ FLP – Tunnel
7. DJ Girl – Psychosis
8. DJ Swisha – Spirit Airlines Distress Track
9. Samurai Breaks – AYAYAY
10. Bastiengoat – Slurpee
11. A.Fruit – Observer Effect
12. Stranjah – Fortress
13. Bell Curve – Need Somewhere To Rest My Head