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Premiere: ABADIR – @trition

Once a land of unknown splendour and perplexing mystery, peu à peu the richness of the Egyptian underground has begun to reveal in all its complexity and depth; although thankfully not losing any of its inherited milleniums-old mystic appeal.

After featuring the likes of ZULI, the most widely known torchbearer of the Cairo scene – having released music through the likes of Lee Gamble’s UIQ and Haunter Records, and Dina, responsible for a much overlooked debut on Munich’s Molten Moods, we set our sight on ABADIR, the new signing of Italian boundary-pushers Yerevan Tapes – here debuting with a jaw-droppingly beautiful first offering.

Initially known as one half of Cairo-based duo 0N4B, the Mapping Possibilities co-founder takes us on a hypnotic journey across sorrowful soundscapes and rumbling envelopes, as so many thunderstruck valleys and shorelines in disguise.

If the whole of ‘Aphasia‘ revolves around a dystopic realm of sorts, where “humans have lost their language and the ability to communicate“, our premiere ‘@trition‘ evokes the loneliness of online avatars and mutant distortions that result, seeing some existential storm build upon the tranquil waters of one’s balanced inner self.

What language can not express anymore, music may be able to summon; and ABADIR’s capacity at making this epiphany happen makes ‘Aphasia‘ much more poignant than any spoken epic or wistful ode would. As sensitive as it is resilient, a thoroughly astounding and highly recommended listen.

Aphasia is released via Yerevan Tapes on 29th June, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Fla A.K.a
2. @trition
3. Aphasia
4. FluX
5. Balal

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