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Premiere: Anna Funk Damage – Mauro Las Vegas

After gracing us with a dizzyingly powerful debut outing on Mind Records earlier this year, Italian producer Anna Funk Damage punches in with his second delivery, ‘Mauro Las Vegas‘, an all-consuming six-track slab of ruthless basement jams and screwed-up electronics primed for deep-web guerilla warfare and epic bursts of high-octane action in the basement. Landing now via Out Of Order, a no-miss.

Sure to throw dancers in a state of drugged-out daze, the title-track ushers us into a bizarre Caesar Palace’esque drunken scenario. Imagine reeling down an endless hotel corridor full with crimson hangings and baroque wall lights, your feet caught in spongy carpet quicksands, sweaty palms buried deep into bottomless pockets as your mind dangerously drifts off to a land of faux-milk and honey; the sound of the whirling roulette and bookies’ orders spinning in your head like a veiled threat. 100% bonkers stuff from a producer in full control of his inner weirdo self. Tip!

Mauro Las Vegas is out now via Out Of Order, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Eating Time
A2. Voci Nel Buio
A3. Mauro Las Vegas
B1. I’m Freak
B2. In Acute Confusional State
B3. Anyone There

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