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Premiere: astvaldur – Mother

Experimental club music, forward-thinking vision, fine arts hybridisation, and strong links with digital and internet culture – Berlin-based label and collective oqko has it all. At just over a year since debuting, the label have stitched together a catalogue of genre-busting releases in a way that resembles labels like Gang Of Ducks, Creamcake, and NAAFI.

For their fifth release, the imprint calls upon Icelandic artist and musician astvaldur (Ástvaldur Axel Þórisson) who makes his debut on the outlet and marks his first full length. Based on seven key themes, ‘At Least’ offers a journey through distinctive takes of sound design and contemporary arrangements. From dark soundscapes to polyrhythmic grooves astvaldur builds himself a reputation as a talent to watch in 2017.

In the closing meditative cut ‘Mother‘ astvaldur harnesses a shower of bright melodies with background ticks and hisses spliced with manipulated vocal squeaks, crafting a warm atmosphere to absorb in a chilly morning. Like fantasyland, this one’s for the dreamers.

At Least is scheduled for release 21st February 2017, order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Hark
2. Rotary Credo
3. Cum
4. Flesh
5. Puncture
6. Locked On
7. Mother

Discover more about astvaldur and oqko on Inverted Audio.