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Premiere: Calcium Club – Y Columba

Dear lads, nothing new on the horizon this summer… Trump hasn’t been impeached, the heat wave is striking, you’re certainly sipping a cocktail by the seaside, kids are building sand castles on the beach and Dublin remains a bastion for choice electronic music.

Speaking of that, Major Problems i.e. one of the hottest labels out there FYI but also one of the most unfairly overlooked – quite incredible given the hype surrounding some trendy outlets whose foreseen obsolescence shall – like the speculative bubble that’s screwed the art market to the highest level – promise them to similar oblivion * rant over * – are back with the debut offering of the mysterious Dubliner Calcium Club. So let’s talk about what’s positive in this world.

Good for your bones, this EP undoubtedly is. Through three electro/breakbeat hybrids of the finest standards, CC weaves a pacey, high-density narrative of floor-friendly dynamics tailored for both boogie down and daydream action. Our pick, the EP’s closing track ‘Y Columba‘ is the pulsating soundtrack to joyriding into the intergalactic wild. Harness your worm-faced unicorn, turn on the indicators and dash through the asteroid fields headlong, it’s time to trip the light fantastic.

Cosmic Creeper is released via Major Problems on 24th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Cosmic Creeper
A2. Cosmic Creeper (Off To Battle)
B1. Y Columba

Discover more about Calcium Club and Major Problems on Inverted Audio.