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Premiere: Cluster Lizard – The End Of Time

Set up in 2013 by Guillaume Malaret, Pierre Torell, Horla and Bruma, Le Cabanon Records is a French label operated out of the Parisian suburbs that’s not afraid of exploring the steepest of audio terrains and outer fringes of electronic music.

Following up to the nostalgic electro quirk and blustery soundscapes of French duo Crypto Tropic and the fizzy, AFX-indebted breakbeat of the enigmatic Horla, the Ukrainian-born Vienna-based pair Cluster Lizard abseil into riveting mineral reliefs, rugged and scenic, to unearth the colourful gems embedded in its eroded cliff sides. Inaugurating Le Cabanon new standalone series – aside from the label’s main ‘Couleurs’ EP collection, it’s a time-proof piece of chaotic electronics that breaks, raucous and haunting as it gets.

On ‘The End Of Time‘, Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko aka Kotra lay down a particularly immersive sound-design, raw and vibrant, complete with an extra incisive buildup, sculpting a harsh yet sorrowful melodic soaring out of a smouldering bass substratum and sizzling sub-frequencies shining in all their native, unpolished brutality. A sinewy slab of dark ambient gone feral.

Edge Of The Universe is released via Le Cabanon on 7th June 2017, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Being Alive Isn’t Everything
A2. The End Of Time
A3. Fractal Core
B1. Afterlife Drift
B2. Stellar
B3. Biomass Of Beauty

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