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Premiere: D.K. – Frozen Sword

Incepted earlier this year with ‘Mystic Warrior‘ and continued with ‘Riding For A Fall‘ a few months later, D.K.‘s Fist of Fury’esque trilogy is about to find its epilogue this winter with ‘Rising‘ EP – a four-track slice of nunchaku-swinging, shuriken-spitting club jams primed for high-intensity punch throwing and weightless kung-fu fights in the bamboos. His bones may be bruised, but the master’s iron will is untouched.

Encapsulating the trilogy’s core cluster of Easternmost melodic tropes, trenchant breaks and deep-penetration bass waves, ‘Frozen Sword‘ moves fast and bangs hard. Enticing dizi flutes and Sino-flavoured harmonics lace up with understated tribal drums, FX-drenched bleepy whorls and catchy piano stabs to form a much suitable soundtrack to the final confrontation. Eyes closed but all sensors out, it’s time for the master to unsheathe the katanas and let the inner dragon do the talk.

Rising EP is released via Antinote on 4th December, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Storm Of Steel
A2. Frozen Sword
B1. Code Breaker
B2. Rising

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