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Premiere: Damos Room x LYAM – Slurr____y

Matthew Herbert’s sub-label Accidental Jnr mark the fourth chapter in their experimental ‘Room 2’ series with the release of a collaborative EP between London-based production trio Damos Room and LYAM, a East London songwriter working at the intersection of rap, club and sound system culture.

Spanning five tracks, ‘EIN‘ – Everything Is Noise – is a product of error, an experimental amalgam of smudged data and patched 1’s and 0’s – resulting in a medley of data loss, muted bass, glitch and hyper-digitised sound design.

Our pick from the release ‘Slurr____y‘ sounds like it’s loaded from a pre-millennium dial-up connection, glitched beats ground the track before being totally obliterated at the end by The Large Hadron Collider. It’s wonderfully tripped out and sonically abstract. Fans of Autehcre and Jimmy Edgar’s rhythmic experimentations as Michaux in 2003, take note.

‘EIN’ is scheduled for release on 17 February via Accidental Jnr. Order a copy form Bandcamp


1. Head-test-panel
2. EIN
3. Data Ponzi
4. Slurr____y
5. Parott Carriage