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Premiere: DAWL – Let’s Go

A proactive torchbearer of the UK hardcore sound for the past decade, Darren Woollard alias DAWL has been a most reliable purveyor of uptempo rave weaponry, deep-penetration sweeps and warped acid excursions, collating transmissions for the likes of Pareidolia, Klasse Wrecks and his own dedicated label, Tone Dropout.

Lifted from his first iteration for Glasgow’s Craigie Knowes, our premiere ‘Let’s Go‘ is a swift-but-sturdy acid workout of the finest ilk, primed for mid-set climactic assaults and intensive Wipeout gaming sessions in equal measure. True to his pedigree of reference, expect devastating effect from DAWL’s deluge of muscular breaks and stimulating vox hooks. This one’s channeling its inner psychedelic dragon like it’s Tim Leary and Josh Wink at the controls. 100% bang for the buck.

Time To Throw Down EP is released via Craigie Knowes on 26th August, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Let’s Go
A2. Drop It
B1. Heavyweight
B2. Overdub

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