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Premiere: DJ Guy – Music Is Life

Galaxies away from the networks’ falsely rewarding mechanisms of immediate satisfaction, plastic glam and ephemeral internet fame as pictured by tabloids, starry-eyed biopics and apocryphal renditions of the real one’s often ingrate living conditions, too often shunting the daily struggle, sacrifices and unheralded work involved with true art, reality is that it may take ages for an artist’s vision to meet its audience, and multiple lifetimes for other people to make money from it.

Slaloming his way between brainless hype and what’s become the industrialised business of repress and archival releases, Cardiff-based musician Guy Evans, aka DJ Guy, has long remained a well-kept secret of the underground, doing his thing on his own with remarkable consistency and very little consideration for “making it” on an international level. And when he finally made it with his inaugural 12″ for Glasgow’s All Caps, this just came to crown Guy’s unconditional love for his craft.

Following on from an outstanding album on Organic Analogue Records in 2016, and EPs for Hypercolour, La Beauté Du Négatif and Exotic Robotics, Evans resurfaces this year to kick off his own imprint, Other World Music, with a lush debut five-tracker courtesy of his truly. Lifted from this vibey first instalment, our pick ‘Music Is Life‘ sure lives up to the naive beauty of its title. Floating in a woozy, hypnagogic haze of sorts, the track gently swings the pendulum between fuzzy acid lines, lo-fi drums, brittle jazzy chimes and caressing wisps of ambient pads – plunging us deep into the softly pulsating heart of Evans’ serene sonic utopia.

OWMU 001 is released via Other World Music on 8th July, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Music Is Life
A2. Interplanetary
B1. Warmth In Rhythm
B2. Warmth In Melody
B3. Propulsion State

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