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Premiere: DJ Normal 4 + 4Boom – BrikkaZ

Like most projects emerged from the Düsseldorf area in recent times, Candomblé is the fruit of tight-knit friendships and of a successful artistic emulation that’s seen its protagonists share experiences, insight and help to weave a unique community of talents – all of which helped make North Rhine-Westphalia one of Germany’s most exciting bastions for underground quality. Established two years ago, the label’s making its return with ‘To Style One Into‘ – a choice slice of old-school ravey beats featuring in-house staples DJ Normal 4, 4Boom, Kaschiel and Aki Aki.

Today we’re chuffed to present DJ Normal 4 & 4Boom’s orphic pumper ‘BrikkaZ‘ in its full form. During a chat a while back, Tim (aka DJ N4) told me how awestruck he was when he first experienced the vision of the endless forest in South America, as seen from the top of an Aztec pyramid, and that even his nonbelieving friends had felt a special energy fill them up there. A whelming feel quite impossible to put into words but that he somehow seems to try and translate into his music. ‘BrikkaZ‘ blazes with a similar ancestral vibe to it, flooded by the light of Tenochtitlan master Huitzilopochtli, and Xochipilli’s smouldering ritual harmonics. Orgy is on, don’t sleep.

To Style One Into is released via Candomblé around 15th August.


A1. DJ Normal 4 + 4Boom – BrikkaZ
A2. Kaschiel – Traumstylez
B1. Aki Aki – Footage of Eagles and Dorades

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