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Premiere: Doppelate – Exception

After a pair of solid contributions from label owner James Booth and Manchester’s rising talent Howes, Share XL are back in business with a third EP courtesy of Doppelate. Responsible for the highly promising ‘Wash It Out‘ on Let’s Go Swimming last year, the London-based producer has pared down the formula of his debut record to serve here a transcending 5-track journey across pensive ambient soundscapes where the sublime reveals through the infra-ordinary.

No splashy synths or lyric buildups, no emotional outbursts or extensive sturm-und-drang here… ‘Exception‘ is a piece of extra fine textural arrangements and delicately inlaid modulations that traverse the air and matter like lamenting echoes from another world.

Drenched in nostalgia and melancholy but never quite close to turning bleak, each dubby stab lightly laps the sleek synthetic upper layer of a much more complex interlacing, like passerine’s talons upon a ripply liquid surface. Here Doppelate dishes out a proper caress for the senses, eye-watering and spiritually awakening in equal measure. Zone out to this bluetooth brain massage.

Transatlantic Rocket Machine is out now via Share XL in digital format, available on tape in August (artwork by Weeirdos). Head to Bandcamp to order the previous two tapes by James Booth and Howes. Limited run so act fast. 


1. Back To Front
2. Cut The Slack
3. Exception
4. Open Country
5. The Ship Is Sinking

Discover more about Doppelate and Share XL on Inverted Audio.