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Premiere: Elka – Wanderux

Of all Canadian labels to have risen on the international scene in recent years, Edmonton’s label Heart to Heart clearly isn’t the most widely known and quite undeservedly so; undoubtedly a matter of timing more than anything, if you think about it.

Rapidly overshadowed by the incredible hype that surrounded the emergence of a golden generation of artists and platforms including usual suspects Mood Hut, 1080p and Forbidden Planet, HtH has none the less kept striving in its own lane, slowly but surely extending its reach beyond the sole borders of the Great White North with the recently-released ‘Love Shy‘, courtesy of newcoming Aussie talent Subjoi.

Back with their eighth number, HtH hand the reins over to one of the label’s mainstay, Elan Benaroch aka ESB, whose new moniker – Elka – was first put into the light last year on Richard MacFarlane’s 1080p, together with another affiliate of the Vancouver imprint, the great Sophie Sweetland alias D. Tiffany. Unsurprisingly, the four-track split – ‘Deep Intervention‘ – sees the pair move in terra cognita, dishing out yet another convincing platter of cottony house scapes and deeper than deep ambient-y escapades.

Our pick, Elka’s silky ‘Wanderux‘ shines with a sleek and glossy jazz vibe, joyously rollicking to the beat of subtly-inlaid congas oozing away through a dense synthetic haze of pastel pads, bleeps, bloops and chimey metallic percs reminiscent of the good old airports departure jingles. Destination unknown, right onto some mysterious exotic place sitting well above the clouds, this one got what it takes to lift the burden of a busy week off your shoulders in one magic snap of the fingers. Tune!

Deep Intervention is released via Heart to Heart on 17th April, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Elka – Broken Dub
A2. Elka – Wanderux
B1. D Tiffany – Far Out
B2. D Tiffany – Plush Beam

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