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Premiere: Etienne Jaumet – Rebound

Founded in 2012 by Molecule in Paris, Mille Feuilles has made a name for itself by welding the richness of a many-sided palette of sounds with the sophistication of carefully thought-out designs, gathering audio and visual contributions from a cast of staunch collaborators including Beaumanoir, Tudor Zamfirescu-Zega, Tillaux, Jay Ramier, Automat, Das Model and Thomas Winter.

Following up to a handful of releases from label boss Romain Delahaye himself, Japanese producer Baroque and Andrew Claristidge, MF return with the second iteration of their VA series ‘Stigmates‘ launched last year – a twelve-track compilation featuring the likes of Arnaud Rebotini, The Populists, Leonard De Leonard, Mike Theis and more.

Our premiere, ‘Rebound‘, comes courtesy of longtime Versatile mainstay Etienne Jaumet. A debonair electro gem weaving  restive bass washes, syncopated drums and twirling sax notes diffracted in FX and distortions, the track eventually unbridles its sax solo in the backstretch, sailing off to suave jazzy spheres in a smooth final upswing. Gorgeous.

Stigmates #2 is out now via Mille Feuilles, order a vinyl copy from the label’s webshop.


1. The Populists – Opale
2. Claude – Banner
3. Arnaud Rebotini- Riding With Waylon Jennings
4. Molecule – Glam
5. Mike Theis – Sippin
6. Etienne Jaumet – Rebound
7. Torb – Dhanista
8. Automat – IR3535
9. Andrew Claristidge – Chrome Plated Sword
10. Liege – Part 7 (MF Edit)
11. Commuter – Data Sheet
12. Leonard De Leonard – Tom Tom Club (Ruff Version)

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