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Premiere: Fasme – Home

Hot on the heels of their much lauded second album, Bicep prove that they haven’t been neglecting their curatorial duties with Feel My Bicep. The label’s first release for 2021 arrives courtesy of French hardware specialist Fasme, with the new signee proving to be a perfect fit for the label’s sound.

In keeping with their blogging origins, Bicep first discovered the track ‘ICI’ on YouTube. It’s this that brought the Nantes-based artist to their attention and now serves as the B2 for the Fasme’s label debut.

Or pick from the release is ‘Home’. It’s a great example of why the producer is such a natural choice for Feel My Bicep. Big emotive synths, warm bass and classic electro drum programming, it’s got all the building blocks required to keep festival crowds grinning.

‘Home’ is scheduled for release 29 October via Feel My Bicep. Order a copy here.


1. Home
2. ICI
3. Coton