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Premiere : FFT – Orr Din

Following an excellent debut on Uncertainty Principle, FFT (aka Josh Thompson) returns with a six-track batch of punctilious machine music on Leeds based Super Hexagon.

If you enjoyed ‘fft1′ or abstract, crystalline electronics are your thing then look no further as ‘In-Side’ draws on the kind of palettes explored by Ryoji Ikeda, Bitstream, Alva Noto, Shxchxchxsh and even a dash of Aphex Twin. Hyper detailed and meticulously produced, this is one of those releases that deserves attention via nothing but the finest high end headphones and speaker systems.

Intensely subtle elements reveal themselves with each listen such as the barely audible arpeggios that skate along the inside of your cranium midway through the frenetic bass frenzy of “in-side5(7)” or the chrome shine glinting on the sub / kick of “ohld”.  On our featured track “orr din”, bursts of white noise puncture through rattling percussion encased in a halo of Kraftwerkian melodies – crank it up!

‘In-Side’ is scheduled for release 21st January, order a copy via Bleep.


1. feil
2. in-side5(7)
3. ohld
4. orr din (exr)
5. orr din
6. in-side3

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