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Russell E.L. Butler lines up hard hitting ‘Petty’ EP on Spectral Sound

Next month Oakland based Russell E.L. Butler will release their latest extended player ‘Petty‘ via Ghostly International’s dance floor-oriented imprint Spectral Sound.

With previous releases on Opal Tapes, CGI Records, Left Hand Path and Jacktone Records, Russell E.L. Butler lands on Spectral Sound with their most straightforward, techno work to date: “I wanted to create something thick, something bangin‘” […] “the tracks feel like they’ve already begun before you even pressed play. I like this thread throughout my work. It’s like you’re a guest in my cognitive world and you’re jumping into the middle of a tour I’m giving.

After an initial listen the EP presents four tracks of raw to the floor stompers, sliding from a tight and hypnotic rhythm of “I Know I Am Petty” and “Offset In The Shadow” to the more ethereal and uplifting tones of “Gulf Stream” and “Tree Frog Whistle“.

Petty EP lands 1st February 2019 as a limited edition press of 300 vinyl copies. Order a copy from Ghostly.

Featured photo by Mariah Tiffany


1. Gulf Stream
2. I Know I Am Petty
3. Tree Fog Whistle
4. Offset In The Shadow

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