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Premiere: Floris Vanhoof – A1

Futura Resistenza tee up their 36th release, a highly abstract piece of sonic thaumaturgy recorded at Roodkapje (Rotterdam).

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2022, Floris Vanhoof, Red Brut, Cathy Van Eck, Nan Wang & Matthias Hurtl and Peter Fengler joined forces to deliver the sci-fi soundtrack ‘Longform Visions for Earminded People‘.

Presented as a 7-inch vinyl release, The Rotterdam-Brussels-based imprint gives a unique environment for artists to experiment with nonconforming methods of sound production by incorporating the use of daily objects, metaphysical spoken-word, and earthly field recordings.

Our pick from the release is ‘Floris Vanhoof – A1‘ – an intergalactic soundscape entwined in neo-tribal grooves and reverberating pads. Put your feet up. Think with your ears and listen mindfully to the sound of non-music. You might be closer to the moon than you think.

‘Longform Visions for Earminded People’ is scheduled for release on 11 September via Futura Resistenza. Order a 7″ vinyl copy from Bandcamp


1. Floris Vanhoof
2. Red Brut
3. Cathy Van Eck
4. Nan Wang & Matthias Hurtl
5. Peter Fengler