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Premiere: Fontaine SMC – Judgement Day

As their name suggests, Raw Culture like music with a certain amount of grit to it, the Italian label seeking music that fits this brief since 2016. Whether electro, acid, wave or house, there’s a continuous dusty thread that has run throughout their discography so far.

The label’s next release comes from the mysterious Fontaine SMC. There’s not a tonne of information about the pair available at this stage. What we do know is that the group is a French duo who have other active projects more in line with IDM/electro.

I Was A Soldier’ is proof that Fontaine SMC are no less capable at churning out crunchy synthwave. Clocking 6 tracks in total, the extended EP nimbly switches between different eighties-indebted moods. Our pick is the haunting echoes and dreary vocals of ‘Judgement Day’.

‘I Was A Soldier’ is scheduled for release 15 November via Raw Culture. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Judgment Day
2. I Was A Soldier
3. Computer Lies
4. Another Day Another End
5. Stickin In The Dark
6. The Light Is So Cold