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Premiere: Gifted Culture Collective – Motor One

Led by Two Thou (Luca Murgia) and Autre (Pietro Caprioglio), Gifted Culture is a label and group of musicians that seek to explore the possibilities of collaboration, jamming and live instrumentation.

Their latest collection of tracks was recorded in Amsterdam in May 2018 at the studio of Italian musician and producer Marco Antonio Spaventi aka MaSpaventi. True to the ethos of the group, these tracks were improvised and recorded in one take with a few additional touches added in the post-production stage.

The fruits of this Amsterdam session sat on hard drives for the past few years, but are thankfully about to see the light of day. Having been given a final polish, these five luxurious cuts are set to land on the Florentine label New Interplanetary Melodies. Our pick from the release is the cosmic funk of ‘Motor One’, a real head-nodder with irresistible twinkling Rhodes and infectious bass.

‘The Great Walk’ is scheduled for release 15 July via New Interplanetary Melodies. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Monk.Intro
2. Motor One
3. Ooh Aah (Discovery)
4. Coast II Coast
5. The Big Acting