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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Radio Punctum with Freddie Hudson

July’s edition of our residency with Radio Punctum, Prague, featured a host of music inspired by radio host Freddie Hudson’s recent trip to Solstice Festival, Finland, along with some select new and forthcoming music.

Solstice Festival, taking place in mid-June at the lip of the Arctic circle in Finland, featured a number of prominent international acts alongside local selectors and producers. Drawing from this pool, Freddie spun a mix of ambient music and trance/techno hybrids, eventually reaching a close with some recent avant-pop music.

The show features the likes of gem-K (aka emkay), Sansibar, Nikolajev, New Ro, and 53X on Antti Salonen’s Avoidance record label, all from the Helsinki scene, and features parallel new music from Ngoni Eyan, RDS on Utrecht’s de Lichting label, Ronan on Moxie’s On Loop, as well as some new and forthcoming ambient music from pablo diserens and the latest enmossed. The show closes with the brand new YUKU from London-based ROOO, and some choice cuts from Wordcolour’s full length on Houndstooth.

Radio Punctum is now on summer hiatus until September. 


1. pablo diserens – live at kwia (excerpt) [Forms of Minutiae]
2. Alene Marie – Colours of Distance (with Glyn Maier) [enmossed]
3. gem-K – Autumn Ft. J.Essel [Super Utu]
4. exael – Eidolon [3XL]
5. Salamanda – Coconut Warrior [Human Pitch]
6. Sansibar – Aurora Eclipse [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
7. Bambi OFS – AAIO (Don’t DJ Remix) [Antibody]
8. 53X – Sleep Mode [Avoidance]
9. c00 – F3v3R 3ph3m3r3 [Traumgarten]
10. gem-K – Medusa [Super UTU]
11. 53X – Synapse [Avoidance]
12. Tano – The Last Minute [In Armatura]
13. Ngoni Eyan – Kalahari to Fingal [United Identities]
14. Smoke Point – Steam Machine [Geographic North]
15. Nikolajev – One Take From Tape 2015 [Post Sonics]
16. Ronan – Sudor De Alma [On Loop]
17. RDS – Emspacer Dub [de Lichting]
18. Locked Groove & Bacha Bakradze – Variation 3 [Locked Groove Records]
19. Ngoni Eyan – Gaberone West Groovee [United Identities]
20. An Avrin – Waved Length (Move Cheq Remix) [Erbium]
21. Wordcolour – Babble [Houndstooth]
22. ROOO – swing [YUKU]
23. New Ro – crop circles [Solina Records]
24. Wordcolour – Duet [Houndsooth]