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Premiere: Hoshina Anniversary – Hisyochi 避暑地

New York-based record label Patience/Impatience is a two-sided outfit. The records that they release on Patience feature two long-form tracks from a single artist. Playfully hinted at through its name, Impatience has fewer constraints in terms of format.

The sibling imprint has so far released alluring and introspective music from Tarotplane and Andras Fox under his A.R. Wilson alias. Their next LP arrives courtesy of Hoshina Anniversary and is another full-length release, unbridled in terms of genre and wide-ranging in mood.

Having previously appeared on Patience earlier this year, the Japanese producer makes the jump to Impatience with ‘Hisyochi’. The 8-track release came together during the first half of 2021, a particularly productive period for the artist musically. Our pick is ‘Hisyochi 避暑地’, a track that manages to incorporate a wide range of melodic elements all underpinned by a consistent and satisfying acidic squelch.

‘Hisyochi’ is scheduled for release 22 July via Impatience. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Rakka 落花
2. Irahu いらふ 応ふ
3. Misebayana 見せばやな
4. Mizuasobi 水遊び
5. Kokoro no Heisei 心の平静 Peace of Mind
6. Roman 浪漫
7. Shonyudo 鍾乳洞
8. Hisyochi 避暑地